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- Honest

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We normally have about 5 to 10 maids ready for placement

and few more on standby, and can be placed in about 12 days time

Ex-Singapore girls are asking a little higher salary then fresh ones ...

We have our own training fascility in Myanmar

Vac Cleaner

as well as in Singapore.

We do not rely on any overseas agency, we do our

own in Myanmar as well as training.

Our service covers the processing of all

necessary paper work, organizing the maids

trip over to Singapore, collecting them from the air

port, arranging the MOM SIP course and organizing

their medical check up, arranging the security bond and maid's insurance coverage.

The Government fees and insurance are in addition. If not satisfied with the maid,

we will organize a replacement free of charge, no limit on number of replacements

within twelve months . Most fresh girls are able to speak simple English,

and some are able a little more then basic English.

Should you need any more information then please email us or phone us.